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Your DOCTOR may have told you that you have KIDNEY DISEASE and you just have to WAIT until you go on DIALYSIS and then get a TRANSPLANT. "IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY."


Doctors around the world have solved this problem by use of a special diet (1), but US doctors prefer dialysis. Please use our site to educate yourself!


DELAY DIALYSIS and Improve your health!

Coping with Kidney Disease A 12-Step Treatment Program to Help You Avoid Dialysis - by Dr. Mackenzie Walser

If you have kidney disease you need this book. Click here for additional information on the book. The Dr. Walser talks about in his book are available in our order section.

An interview about kidney failure.

Harry Lee, a 74 year old diabetic with hypertension who had been decreasing in GFR, showed me a graph of his GFR. His endocrinologist sent Harry to Dr. Mackenzie Walser at The Johns Hopkins University. His GFR was on a steady decline and Mr. Lee wanted to do something to avoid dialysis. Dr. Walser put Mr. Lee on a low protein diet with a and adjusted his medications. Mr. Lee proudly pointed out that his GFR has not declined in the 2 years he had been on the diet.

Mr. Lee told me that he didn't watch his diet as well at first, but his bride of over 50 years told me that they are very careful now. He eats his on his canned pears or peaches for dessert with his meals. He likes it in orange juice where he says, "it mixes really well."

"Everyone ought to know about this diet" said Mr. Lee, "It's mainly a lot of salads, but I like it very well."

"He's very careful to take his amino acids," said Mrs. Lee.

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