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The Low Protein Diet

A dietician who is familiar with the very low protein diet Dr. Walser used, can be a great help in designing a diet plan. Karen Bishop, RDN is one such example of a dietician who is familiar with the very low protein diet. You may click here to be redirected to her webpage. 

In the meantime, we can give you a number of general principles based upon limiting your protein. You will need to count the amount of protein in every food you eat. As you look at the tables of foods that you may eat and foods that you should limit, notice that animal products, (fish, fowl, beef, pork, etc.), beans, nuts and diary products and eggs are prohibited. While it won't kill you immediately to eat a lot of these foods, it will certainly put a load on the waste haulers (the kidneys) and it may make you sick (one of the first signs of kidney disease is nausea and vomiting). You may use these foods to flavor (in small amounts) the foods you may eat, but feed the meats you cook with to someone with normal kidneys or your dog.

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